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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Important Stuff: Super Mario Brothers

Since our appointment with the surgeon was moved to Wednesday, there is nothing much to report or think about in the area of my health today.  So, we focused on a very important project to three of our family members this evening.  It was so much fun to get out all of my 1 1/2 inch squares again to puzzle together some more Mario Brother's quilt blocks!  Matthew was thrilled to help since he has practiced his "pattern power" with Milli Measure!

Tonight the goal was to stick together the squares for the three remaining blocks we haven't tried yet.  That would be the question box, Yoshi, and a turtle shell.  Once I finished them I started wondering if I could figure out a pattern for a banana peel.  I think the boys would really love that!  I did come up with a Toad pattern so I think I will play around with a banana peel pattern before I say we are done with all of the characters and elements for these quilts.  I think they will be great!  I tweeked the Yoshi pattern a little bit.  Neither Stacey or I were completely happy with the pattern as it was.  Much better now!

I have one of each of the other squares sewn and ready to soak in water to remove the sticky stuff (I like to think of it as the stuff that keeps me sane through this project!)  Zach will have a quilt soon at this rate.

I love creating...in this case, taking little tiny squares of fabric and watching my boys' eyes light up when they see the characters appear before their eyes.  It impresses the little boys more than Ryan, he just hopes I get his done before he moves out of the house!  This is a fun project!

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