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Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Company's Trash is This Family's Home Computer Lab

They were throwing out some old computers at work, so my husband loaded them up into the back of the car and brought them home.

Having the foresight to think of homework and communication needs of three middle and high schoolers in a couple years, he thought he could set up a mini lab where they could do what they need to do right here.  They won't have the most updated software and operating systems, but these will work for what they need!

Ryan thought it was great to see what the insides of the machines look like and what each part does.  He was pretty excited to tell me about it when I got home from taxiing some of the others around this afternoon. The kids were also surprised to find out that Mom even knows a few things about the insides of computers!  Of course, the kids are all excited to get them set up and see how many of their games they can get working!

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