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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cancer Files: First Post

This message went out as an email to people on my email list and a few on Facebook as messages.  I think the best way to keep everyone informed is to post regularly here on my blog.  That way, those who want to know what is going on can check in when they have time and emails won't be repeated over and over in email inboxes.  I realize I didn't do a very good job getting the word out last week to those who I knew would want to know so I apologize.  Here is the message as it went out last week:

Hello Friends,

I didn't have fighting breast cancer on my agenda for this summer, not even on the radar.  But, that is what we are doing in the Sloan house as of Wednesday.  I am at peace with the process so far and feel blessed that God seems to have been preparing me for this over the last month or so.  It looks like there will be surgery as part of treatment and maybe radiation but we will find out more about that next Wednesday (the 19th) when I meet the oncologist and the surgeon.  The prognosis is good at my age (and how wonderful to be referred to as "so young" many times during our consult!)

I am asking for prayers for our family this summer as there are a few things that have to be changed around in our schedule and some disappointment in that.  The kids are very understanding and have already this week stepped up to help and be inspiring.  We have definitely been laughing every day!  In our highly technological world I have debated how to request prayers in this because Facebook is how I keep in touch with far away friends and family these days but posting something like this in a blanket status update is not desirable for me.  So, I will begin with my email list and go from there.

I love you all and thank you for the privilege of being added to your prayer list if you choose to do so.  I have already felt uplifted by the prayers that have been going up on my behalf this week.  It is times like this when I realize how truly blessed I am.  God is very good and our time together has been so precious these past days.  Know that I am feeling His presence and love you all!

Love, Jody

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