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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Little Help With Kitchen Work

For those who are checking back to see how I am coming on my list, well...Ryan and I have made progress on that last cabinet in the kitchen that needs to be re installed.  He took out the tracks that the shelves run on before the painting.  We worked together last night to get them back in.  Now that is done and the things that belong in there are back where they belong.

It was a little overwhelming to me as I watched him with the tools.  There are glimpses that I get every so often into the future as I see that my child is growing up and taking on more and more responsibility, willing to do more to help and be part of the projects that David and I are doing.

It impressed me to see how he remembered exactly how the tracks came out so he could put them back in the same way.  It impressed me how he could barely fit into the cabinet to reach the back screw and nail to attach it.  (I used to hold his little head in my hand!) I loved to watch him take on a challenge and have a sense of accomplishment.

Now he has moved down to the basement helping his dad with that new "computer lab" they are setting up down there.  Where have my little ones gone?

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