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Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Week at Camp

He looks much older to his mom.
There was another scout camper gone this week. Matthew had his day camp in early June, Ryan's camp went in mid-June and Zachary's troop went this week. As I write he is returning this morning. It is the longest time he has been away from home outside of family.

He did mention last Saturday as we were helping with packing things up to get ready to go, that he thought that it may be a long time for him and he wasn't sure he could be gone from home that long. My heart was a little heavy as I dropped him off to meet his troop. He is very independent and I wasn't disappointed on Wednesday night when we went up to have dinner with him on family night.

I am glad the week went well for him. He did tell me on Wednesday night that he is looking forward to being home and comfortable. I asked him what he meant and he said that he just likes to have a comfortable place to sit and to sleep. He loves archery and was a little disappointed that their eagle track plan of sleeping under the stars ended up in a cabin at Waubeek because of threatening weather.

Sharing with Dad what has happened so far
I was very proud when he told us that he tried to take the swim test again at camp and he passed without any problem. The troop had a test night at the pool last month to see if they were a beginner or swimmer (deep end) and he wasn't able to swim four times down and back (it has been awhile that he has been in swimming lessons). So, when he told us that he asked to try again at camp I was so happy to hear that he took the initiative. He is a swimmer and was able to enjoy the pool even more because he tried and succeeded!

He showed us his tent and where his troop camps. Things seemed a little damp but he told me it had dried out since Monday. At one point of the week before we saw him on Wednesday, David mentioned he was up in the night thinking about Zach when it stormed the first night. I admitted I had woke up a couple times in the night and prayed that he would be okay. Zachary is usually very concerned when weather is rough at our home so thinking of him in a tent...well, I am his mom.  David and I talked about it on the way home. Both of us were so happy to hear him tell us that he slept through the whole night of the storm.

Always have to pose at the weather rock!
Zach's tent for the week.
A mom selfie just for fun!
It has been a little quieter in our house this week and so I am looking forward once again to having music playing from the computer Note Flight program as Zach works out a few more parts in the songs he is composing. It is almost time to start thinking and planning for sixth grade. But not quite yet and I am glad!

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