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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Not So Little Mermaid

I had a request from a not so little anymore daughter to make her a mermaid tail. I made one for my niece last year for her birthday. Stacey even went as far as to show me a pattern on Pinterest and pointed out that this is one that could be made in one night.

Well, I wasn't so sure until I looked at the pattern and it used a Q crochet hook and four strands of yarn! No, we wouldn't be making that one, but if she would like to come downstairs with me, I had something I would show her. To her excitement, I pulled out a half way done mermaid tail with the same pattern that I had used to make Jacey's last year.

I started it last winter when I was going to put it on the silent auction at our benefit. I made three quilts as well so it didn't get done. I asked her if she liked the colors and she did. Just another half done project finished and a happy girl. Dawn didn't jump in and say she wants one, but I am making a couple more for a benefit coming up at the end of August for a family at church. She said I could make hers sometime this winter since she couldn't understand why anyone would want to snuggle up in a mermaid tail in July.

I have to work on the tail pattern for these next ones. The pattern never turns out and I have to fuss with it a little every time. I am going to have to make my own version I think. Stay tuned, I hope to have them done for a couple smaller mermaids to enjoy!

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