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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Missionary Visit

This is amazing to me.  I had been reading a few books about missionaries and others who share their story of persecution and survival as a Christian all over the world.  I was excited to find out a few weeks before that Don Richardson was planning on visiting our church and share his experience in New Guinea during the sermon time.

We attended the 8 o'clock service that day as we usually do every week.  All four of the older kids sat and listened intently through the whole service as Mr. Richardson is a very engaging story teller.  As we were ready to leave Dawn wanted to go past the book table where he had his books and DVD's.  She asked me for one of each!  We settled for two since I had one already on my Nook that she could read.  She stood asking questions and finding out more from Mr. Richardson as she had him sign the books and introduced herself.

The next week, for her extra reading time at school she brought his book "Eternity in Their Hearts" to have at her desk to read.  The week before as a birthday gift, she had used a gift card at JoAnn's and bought some clay to craft with.  As the week progressed, I made my way downstairs to see what she was up to.  There in a used shoe box she had constructed a jungle village with all kinds of details.  I wish it was easier to see all of the detail of her creation in this picture.  It is awesome!

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