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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow Sculputres

I was going through my pictures this morning and realized I didn't post the pictures of the great art that graced our front yard for a week before the January thaw. People were sending me messages telling me "hey, I drove by your house, cool snowmen!" It was a sight and I loved having their imaginations on display in the front yard, if only for a short time.

The snow had already started to melt when they went out to work on it but it made the snow more sticky and perfect for sculpting! It wasn't quite as cool as last year when the snowplow left a HUGE pile in the corner of the front yard, but they rolled the snow from every corner of the front yard to make the "fort". There were trails of grass all over when they were done for the night. The surprise came the next day when they got up and found that it had snowed over the top of everything so the front yard. It was much prettier once the new snow had covered the dry brown grass!

The kids have been pretty disappointed with the amount of snow so far this winter. January did bring some snow thankfully...December was snowless! Hopefully February and March will come through for them!

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