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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharing Family Recipes

I had been up most of the night last night feeling bad. Stomach upset along with dizziness that woke me up a couple of times. I moved out to the couch in the living room to sleep so that my tossing and turning wouldn't bother David. The phone rang at 5:30 a.m. and woke me up after only 2 hours of sleep. Not having snow (or dense fog) on my radar before bed, my mind of course went right down the list of all my loved ones could be on the other end of the phone call with bad news.

Looking at the number on the caller id, I sighed in relief when I saw the 558 number - school...awesome, a delay! Oh wait, no it isn't awesome...today is supposed to be the first day of our 1 John Bible study! Now that will be delayed a week and Matt and I will be staying home today. So, painting, napping and taxes are on the agenda today instead of cherished time with good friends.

All of that went through my head as I laid on the couch, because with a 5:30 phone call it is rare that I can go back to sleep once the early morning wake up call comes! One by one the children woke up and were informed that they would be home until 11. Joy and delight of course, were the emotions of the hour.

How wonderful it is when children wake up and ask "what is for breakfast"! I just wanted to crawl back in bed and leave them to their own devices. But, that isn't good parenting! So, I sat in my chair and told them that it is about time that nine-year-olds learn how to make the secret family pancake recipe! Squeals of delight went up and they began. (wanting no help of course) Adding chocolate chips as their "signature" ingredient, they spent the morning gaining very important life skills and making yummy pancakes!

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