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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Show Choir!

Show Choir Season has begun! Last Saturday we were at Washington High school. It is my third year to be there at their annual MO Show show choir competition. I love it because I can not only see my kids in Vernon Velocity but also, my niece who sings with the 10th Street Edition from LinMar.

This year I thought I was smart and parked in the north parking lot closest to the auditorium since that is where the middle school choirs sing. We got to the door and no one was their so we found the information desk and asked about where we needed to be. We were told that in previous years the auditorium was hard for parents to get in and out because there were so many people. This year all the groups would be performing in the gym.

So, hiking down to the gym was what we were still going to be doing. It was nice though, except for the fact that when we got to our places in the gym on the bleachers Mom and I realized that we should have brought our bleacher seats. Mine was in my van. Stacey was with us too because she always likes to watch the choirs and meet up with some of her friends from our Arthur Elementary days who sing in Franklin's group. She also has a couple of McKinley friends from basketball.

Dad joined us right before Velocity sang (at 9:40 in the morning) and they did GREAT! We had heard them at the VMS variety show where they usually debut at the beginning of each year. I will have to say at that time, I was a little scared for them. The band had a hard time that night and so they have had a lot of extra practice. It has paid off because I couldn't believe it was the same show choir. Plus the stage at MO Show gave the singers/dancers a lot more room to move around.

My niece Marissa being in high school was performing in the afternoon and happened to be the last performers of the afternoon. So with Dad going out to get our bleacher seats we decided to stay for an afternoon of good show choir performances.

The day ended with VMS taking third place after Taft and McKinley (our toughest competition) and Marissa's choir 10th Street Edition taking home a grand champion trophy in the high school division. Mom and I shared conversations much of the day and at one point we both were asking "why do we feel so exhausted when all we have been doing is sitting and watching show choirs all day?" It was an exhausting day, but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday!

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