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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mint Green Face Lift

Although we are not finished with the girls' remodel in their bedroom, they were able to get the painting done over the summer. They worked hard together to choose the color (which was probably the hardest part), move the furniture and paint the walls.

They chose an accent color on one wall which is a teal/blue color with a gray shade on the other three walls. They learned about patching holes in walls, "cutting in", patience, and that you should not be wearing a favorite shirt while painting a room.

Going from being surrounded by mint green to updating to a nice modern feel, they are ready to continue their quest to make this house their home.

The finished paint project turned out beautifully. They are both very happy with the results! The color got a much needed update and the atmosphere in which to share this small space has been refreshed!
They did a great job on the precise corners
of the accent wall!
Still need to decide on side tables and a few other pieces to
finish off the look!

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