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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wrestling Camp

Here is my little wrestler. He wanted so much to go to wrestling camp this summer. He even went so far as to empty out his piggie bank looking for the money that it took to register. Bless his heart, with six dollars he needed a little help from mom and dad.

Four days of camp at the high school was pretty intense for an almost first grader. The first day he got partnered with a very "serious" wrestler and was not so excited to go back the second day. He told me "Mom, it really hurts!"

I talked to the coaches and told them he really loves to wrestle right now and is a little younger than the others. He needs to be encouraged, not constantly smushed face first into the mat. It isn't like him to beg to stay home on the second day.

Thankfully, they matched him up with a kid that was a little more on his same level of experience and he enjoyed the rest of the week.

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