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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bye Bye Baby Boy!

It seems as though this time I had no feeling of nostalgia when it came time to take the crib down.  I didn't shed a single tear and didn't pause for a single moment when it came time to "uninstall".  The only pause was when I was trying to find the proper size allen wrench!

Matthew was so excited to be moving into his big boy bed he was jumping up and down.  We borrowed a toddler bed from friends and all the way home from their house he was in the back talking about his new bed and how he was going to help mommy wash it up and get it ready to sleep in.

I don't think he really had the concept in his head about what was going to happen because when the bed was going up he was just amazed at how all the pieces made a bed just for him!  What a big boy we have!

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