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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Master of Transfer - Mommy Bonus!

The one day this week we were planning on going out of the house is of course the day of the winter weather advisory with blowing and drifting snow. Matthew was extremely excited to be able to walk with his boots in the snow so it was a highlight for him.

Unfortunately, on the way back home after lunch, he fell asleep. Although he has always been able to transfer from his car seat to his bed and stay sleeping (unlike any of his siblings), I knew this would not be a successful attempt with all of the winter gear to get off of him!

Mommy Bonus! Once I had unbuckled and gotten him out, he was still sleeping! Although a slow process, I was able to get all of his winter things off and snuggled into his bed still sleeping! It is always great to be able to enjoy a full naptime. It looks like winter has truly arrived in Iowa and at least for today, that is okay!

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